Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Adopted Dog Update: Kaia - Snuggle Buddies!

Kaia was adopted in September '09 by Pet Haven's intake coordinator ... here's an update on Kaia .. it appears she has a perfect playmate and a perfect snuggle buddy:

"Sammy and Kaia are best friends. It is an odd friendship cemented by the tenacity of a French Bull Dog and the playful exuberance of a young Cattle Dog mix.Sammy's mom thinks he is always a great accent to any picture because he is sooo adorable and she thinks Kaia is beautiful and amazingly athletic with her leaps high in the air and her breathtaking speed.

They snuggle together in their dog bed only after many hours of play. They enjoy tug of war games where Sammy's tenacity allows him to "hang in there " Stalking each other is Kaia's favorite game because she enjoys using her lock down stare that is so prevalent in her herding breed and there is no couch or piece of furniture that she can't go over or around in pursuit of her" prey ".Sammy knows if he just stands still ( a classic bull dog characteristic ) Kaia will always come back to him.If Sammy looks uninterested in playing with Kaia she has her favorite moves to entice him which include pulling on the loose wrinkles around Sammy's face and grabbing each leg one at a time.(Fortunately Sammy is very sturdy and can stand on whichever legs he has left)

Sammy is grateful that Pet Haven gave him Kaia who is his best friend and Snuggle Buddy."

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