Monday, October 12, 2009

Hailey has a new leash on life!

Hailey, a gentle coon hound mix, has a new lease on life these days. Or maybe we should say a new leash and a new life these days! After a long and bumpy road, which no doubt tested her resiliency, she is peacefully enjoying the comforts of her new foster home. She’ll hang there until someone is lucky enough to permanently adopt her.

Here’s Hailey’s story. She was dropped off as a stray at an animal shelter outside the Twin Cities. The folks who adopted her brought her in for a routine check-up and were advised by a vet to euthanize her due to recurring ear infections, bad hips, and a wound near her spay incision that refused to heal. Instead of putting her down, they returned her to the shelter. And while the shelter wanted to help this sweet dog, it simply didn’t have the resources. That’s when the Golden Valley Humane Society saw the potential in her and offered to provide the care she deserved

It’s amazing what a little medical attention can do. The wound near her incision healed beautifully. Her teeth were scaled and excess gum tissue was removed. She tested positive for Lyme disease and was successfully treated. Now they wonder if the Lyme disease was causing the pain in her hips joints, so the painkiller has been discontinued. And her wonderfully floppy ears continue to be treated for ear infections.

You know how you are so much happier when you’re feeling better? Now that Hailey’s health concerns are gone, her true colors are finally showing through. She’s 100% house trained and can be left alone in the house uncrated. She's a mature dog, probably somewhere between seven and nine years old, so is done with chewing and all that puppy stuff. Instead she is sweet, mellow, and quiet, except for an occasional howl, coon hound style, which is actually quite endearing. She loves people, napping, and walks. And most of all, she adores giving as well as receiving affection.

Hailey’s foster parents were initially reluctant to take her because they had a lot going on in their lives. Now they can’t imagine not having such a wonderful opportunity to get to know and love this truly amazing dog.

Hailey would make a wonderful companion for someone who is looking for a low maintenance dog who only needs some love and short walks each day. Trust us, the rewards you’ll reap will be plenty!

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Kim said...

I am so GRATEFUL for Pet Haven taking this wonderful dog under its wing. I know Hailey and she is a true credit to her her species. She is one of the most gentle and appreciative canines I have ever met and I miss her dearly.