Monday, October 5, 2009

Adopted Dog Monday!

This week we have quite a lot to celebrate with 5 dogs finding their forever homes! What's extra special is that some of these dogs have been in Pet Haven's foster program for quite some time.

Max's new parents are crazily similar to his previous foster parents. His previous foster mom has already made two followup phone calls and on both occasion has learned he was doing well ..." He's already been hissed at by his new kitten sibling and was unphased." His new dad said "this is exactly the type of dog we were looking for". Congrats Max and thanks for hanging in with us and waiting till just the right adopter came along for you.

Katie, our Pointer mix, has found her forever home at a senior living center. Katie had been in Pet Haven's foster program for quite some time (approximately 14 months!). Katie suffers from separation anxiety and was originally rescued from a hoarding situation. Pet Haven and Katie's foster will continue to work with Katie's new community home as she makes the transition. For a pup who does not like to be left alone, this is a perfect home for her, as she will always have someone with her! Reports on Katie thus far have also been great! Congrats Katie!

Last week Sonoma (black lab/husky mix) got lucky and was adopted by a wonderful dad. Well ... this past week, Sonoma's new add decided to add a second companion to his home. So now Sonoma has a new brother and Leroy, after being in Pet Haven's foster program since April, 2009 is now finally home. We have no doubt that both Sonoma and Leroy will be spoiled. We also hear that Sonoma's new dad is continuing the tradition of providing her with strawberries at bed time. I wonder if Leroy will learn to love the strawberry bed time snack :) Congrats Leroy and Sonoma!

Pet Haven's screener shared the following after Maggie's home visit:

"When I did her visit today- she was resting on "her" couch in the sun room, curtains back so if we were to get sunshine she wanted it to shine on her, This is what I was told by her new mom and day, She barked for the first time at the door bell. Maggie is eating good, and has a boy friend across the street - He came a courting last night for a walk, do these parents sound perfect?? Maggie and the cat are good with each other and slept all curled up later in the evening with mom and dad watching a movie last night, As I was leaving Maggie was really enjoying her self and I know I heard her say GO TWINS!!!!

Enya's new mom is a full time student (most classes on line) also works from home, and lives on 1st floor has a court yard fenced in with other dogs to play with, she can run in and out all day if she likes, Nina met Enya when her Aunt Leslie was fostering her, we have been working for over a month on this adoption, Nina greeted Enya with a big smile - Greeted her foster mom Lena with
a big hug both had tears it was a great feeling.

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