Friday, October 30, 2009

Adopted Dog Update: Jasmine hit the jackpot!

We recently got an update on Jasmine from her family, and we just had to share!

"Jasmine Marie Humphries  came into our lives on a cold day on January 22nd
2005. We met her at a Pet Haven adoption event where we got to meet her 2 brothers.
Jasmine had started her life with  her 4 other siblings and mother by being thrown away into a dumpster. Luckily  someone found them and rescued them the first time. Two of Jasmines siblings  didn't survive to get the chance for rescue number two like Jasmine did.

I knew the instant that I  laid eyes on her, that I was totally and helplessly in love with this little fur ball. At that time, my husband and I were in the process of building a brand new  greenhouse business. So from day one, Jasmine came to work with us every day and  became part of our team! She had many family members to play with and follow  around all day, and free reign of a nice warm place to work/play. She also  got to spend the day with her Gramma and Grampa, and her new best friend, Uncle  Baily! (Gramma and Grampas big ole yellow lab). Oh how she loved to play in the  dirt, and un-plant things we had just planted :-) We had also found out how she  really likes to roll in stinky things, so we have since nick named her Stinky.  She has stolen the hearts of all who worked with her. Jasmine's photo's have been  in several greenhouse publications as our mascot.

During her puppyhood, we  attended puppy kindergarten and puppy social hour weekly, so she had plenty of  interaction with other puppies while growing up, and even a  cat! Eventually it became time for us to leave that job, we didn't know  what to do about leaving her home. She is such a social girl, that the thought  of her home alone all day just broke our hearts. So Gramma and Grampa daycare  was born! Each morning, she gets picked up by her Gramma and Grampa and her uncle Baily, and they go on a four mile walk on the Gateway  trail. (that is, when she will get out of bed when Gramma comes to get her,  sometimes we have to lock her out of the bedroom in the mornings when we leave  for work, or she won't come downstairs when my Mom comes to get her!) Then she  spends the rest of her day at their house, and gets to play with her Uncle  Bails, run around in their huge yard, and sometimes even gets to go bye-bye.  Then either Mommy or Daddy pick her up on their way home from
work. Its a pretty  good life.

We miss her each day  while we are at work, and are so happy to see her when we get home. Jasmine has  been with us camping, stayed in a cabin in Northern MN, even walked around  Gooseberry falls state park. She sends her allowance to a dog with a  heart condition each month and has for the past 3 years. We do our best to make  sure that if we go anywhere, it is dog friendly so we can bring her with. We  once brought her to an open house event that a home builder had that was dog  friendly, where she could get a free scarf, a photo taken, and even got to  "speak" to a pet psychic. The psychic said that Jasmine thought her name should  be Jackpot, because she is hit the jackpot when she found her new  Family. We also asked the psychic if she minded being called Stinky, and  she said No! I love to be Stinky!! She is loved by all, wherever she goes.

We  love our little girl more than anything, and thank God Pet Haven brought her  into our lives for her second chance at a great life. She has filled a hole in  my heart I never even knew I had and I don't know what I would do without my  little Stinky. To anyone who is reading this, please open your heart and home to  a rescue, they will spend the rest of their lives paying you back for doing  so."

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