Monday, October 19, 2009

Adopted Dog Monday!

Lola was adopted by a family who is thrilled to have a new puppy to love. They recently had to euthanize their fourteen year old lab last month. Lola's new dad said it was just too quiet without a dog. The only disgruntled family member was the cat, however, we imagine he'll get used to Lola fairly quickly.

Lola's new dad especially liked his new friend and as Lola's screeners completed the home visit and were heading out the door, Lola and dad were already getting ready for their first walk ... some private bonding time! Lola was "given a tour" of the house, and her dad showed her where everything was. Lola will have a cozy crate to sleep in at night right next to their bed. During the day, Lola will get to hang out with mom and have constant human companionship.

Congrats to Lola and her new family! Now if could get Lola's sibling Emma adopted that would be awesome!

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