Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Trevor - new kid on the block!

Trevor is one of Pet Haven's most recent intakes. He arrived last week on a transport from a shelter we work closely with in rural Iowa. Many of our beautiful big black dogs have come from this shelter. Not having access to a larger pool of adopters as we have in the Twin Cities, many of their dogs sit in shelters for months and months and months. Many of their dogs are big black dogs -- dogs often overlooked. We are happy to be able to bring Trevor into our foster program ... thanks to one of our doggie daycare partners, Pampered Pooch Playground, for fostering him. We got an update yesterday from Heather, staff and dog trainer at Pampered Pooch:

"I spent some time with Trevor today. I thought I would send you some information about him. Well, he knows how to sit, when he wants to. We spent some time working on "down" and he started to pick up on it. He can also do short stays. We also spent some time working on "wait" and he did well with that. He also responds really well to body language when it comes to keeping him in or out of a certain room. His favorite part was by far when we started playing fetch. He loved it! At first he didnt understand the concept of bringing it back to me so I could throw it again, but after just a few minutes and adding another ball to the situation he was running back and dropping the ball when he was just about to me (I would lift my arm ready to throw the ball and release it as soon as he dropped it). It became an awesome game to him! He is great with dogs of all sizes, very tolerant and pretty much leaves the little guys alone."

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