Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thank you to our partners!

It's truly amazing what happens behind the scenes in the dog division of an animal rescue. It goes without saying that Pet Haven would not be able to do what we do (rescue and re-home dogs and cats!) without the tireless devotion of our incredible volunteers ... from those that help us in our adoption program to our spay/neuter program and efforts, to outreach, to fundraising and to advocacy. In addition to our fabulous volunteers we are extremely grateful to our partners.

We have 4 doggie daycare partners who foster a dog for us at no cost all year round. We are extremely grateful for the love and care that they provide to our foster dogs.

Pampered Pooch Playground in St. Louis Park

We are also extremely grateful to our dog obedience partner Canine Coach. They not only provide us with a great discount to work with our foster dogs and our fosters when extra training and guidance is needed (through private consultation or classes) ... but a couple of their trainers have been gracious enough to offer free foster training classes at no cost.

Finally, many thanks to one of our partner vets, Bloomington Vet Hospital, for all the love and care they give to all of our new intakes and fosters.

We are happy to say that quite a few of our dogs who have begun their journey in the loving care of one of our partners have soon discovered that their journey was almost over ... we have had vets and vet techs from Bloomington Vet adopt new intakes into our foster program; dogs being fostered at one of our doggie daycare partners have also gotten lucky .... being adopted either by one of the staff or one of the daycare's customers!

We/Pet Haven value our partnerships and we just wanted to take today to let them all know how much we appreciate them and all they do on behalf of homeless dogs!

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