Thursday, April 15, 2010

Adopted Dog Update: Jonnie Cakes (aka Lizzie) from Dumpster to Dog Park

Meet Jonnie Cakes, a Red Lake Rosie dog who was found roped to a garbage dumpster in Ponemah. She was starving and full of mange when she was rescued by our friend, Karen of Red Lake Rosie's Rescue.

Fast forward 9 months to when I met Lizzie at the Three Rivers Dog Park in Eden Prairie. "JC" had been adopted prior to me joining Pet Haven so I had no idea I was playing with a Pet Haven dog until I started talking to Lizzie's mom, Nancy. Lizzie was having a wonderful time running around the park, herding all of the other dogs. Nancy was just the proudest Mom telling the other dog owners how smart Lizzie is and how well she has done with her training. She can't believe the progress that they've made in just six months. Lizzie is a very sweet girl, a non-discriminating friend when it comes to both dogs and humans!

I spent quite a bit of time talking to Nancy about all sorts of things and I truly believe that Lizzie found Nancy, just as much Nancy found Lizzie. They are great friends!

Another very successful adoption story!

Look at Lizzie (aka Jonnie Cakes) now...she couldn't be more happy!

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