Friday, April 23, 2010

Beau Needs a Foster or Forever Home!

Looking for a new beau? Well, this Beau might be your best bet. That's because he's loyal, true and ever-so devoted. Formally known as Beauregard, 3-year-old Beau is sheer delight. He's got just enough puppy in him to keep him extra playful, but a good dose of maturity to tone down any of the inappropriate youth trouble he might get into. Fact is, he's still really learning what toys are.

Beau gets along well with others including kids and dogs. He's also housetrained and crate trained. He's a bit shy but that only adds to his charm. Being a coonhound mix, Beau likes to follow his nose after anything that looks or smells delightful. This means a fenced yard is pretty necessary to keep him out of harms way.

So skip and eHarmony. Just ask about Beau. He'll be happy to be your loyal, devoted companion for life. Please contact Pet Haven at if you are able to provide a foster home or even better a forever home for Beau.

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