Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Adopted Dog Update: Little Man Charlie

Charlie, an adorable 2.5 year old poodle came into Pet Haven's foster program at the end of last year. In less than a month, he was swooped up and landed in a wonderful home. We recently got an update from his new guardian:

"I adopted Charlie following the passing of my 16 year old beagle mix, Maddie. I waited a few months, and knew that I was looking for a dog who would be a friendly companion for me, as I live alone. Charlie stole my heart from the first moment I met him. I attended a Pet Haven adoption event with the idea that I was just beginning the adoption process, but I think Charlie had other ideas. While I was talking with a volunteer, Charlie ran right up to me, tugging his volunteer along behind him on the leash! His is such a cute dog, and of course that's the first thing I noticed about him. But as I heard a little bit of his story and was petting him, I looked into his eyes, and I could feel that he was a very special dog. That was it, and two weeks later he came to live with me.

He's a sweet little man, who likes to play and also enjoys downtime on my lap or laying nearby. He's a friendly, active dog. He loves to go for walks, and really loves to meet new people. Since Charlie came on the scene, I'm meeting neighbors I've never even seen before while we are out on our walks. He's got a lot of magnetism! Charlie's gentle, but insistent invitations to play get me off the couch, and put a smile on my face every time.

In Yiddish there is a word, "beshert," which describes when one is destined to join with another. That's exactly what it's like with Charlie -- I couldn't have imagined a better dog for me.

Thank you, Pet Haven, for bringing Charlie into my life!"

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