Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Adopted Dog Update: Mr. Black

A couple weeks ago we received an email from a couple who started off fostering Black (photo on left) in February, 2009. I distinctly remember Black as I had the good fortune to meet him at one of our adoption events when his previous owner was having to surrender him due to foreclosure. It was a bittersweet meeting ... I had the chance to spend time with Black's previous owner, who was an amazing spirit. I could feel the love she had for Black and the pain she felt in having to give him up. It touched me deeply that I found myself reflecting on it and writing about it on my personal blog. I shared that blog posting with others who then shared it with others. To read my reflection on that bittersweet morning click here.

As luck would have it, someone read the post and inquired about Black. They then fostered him, and soon after adopted him.

We received the following email from Black's adopters a couple weeks ago ... they are looking to adopt a Pet Haven cat!!

"My partner and I have a home in S. Mpls that we share with a dog we adopted from Pet Haven in February 2009. Someone may remember Black whose former parents had to move before of foreclosure. He did not spend any time in a Pet Haven facility because we fostered him right at the time his parents needed to find a home for him.

Anyways, we love Black (whom we call Mr. Black) and has adjusted nicely to our home and family. We now think we are ready to begin looking to introduce a new family member ...

Black is a lab-husky and will be 2 years old in May. He is young but very friendly with people and other animals. He's laid back and overall a very good dog. He gets lots of exercise so this helps his demeanor. I think he would do very well with another animal in the home."

We are so happy to hear that Black aka Mr. Black is doing so well. Our cat adoption director is working with them to find them the perfect cat to add to their family ... I am sure Mr. Black is looking forward to having a playmate and a sibling to hang out with :)

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