Monday, April 19, 2010

Adopted Dog Monday

We had a great day at the Petco in Richfield last Saturday with three dogs getting adopted. Bella the bloodhound is now living with a couple, another dog, and two cats. The mom is self employed and takes her dogs to work with her. Bella will make the best greeter at the auto repair business.

Here is Bella with her new brother Auggie. He was super excited to have a live in playmate. They have a huge yard to run around in. And the couple was already talking about taking Bella for a boat ride. Stay tuned for photos of her ears flying in the wind.

Our dear boy Trapper is now living on 13 acres with a semi-retired fellow that drove 50 miles to adopt him. He said he had lost his older dog and needed a new pal. When I checked in on them Sunday, Trapper's new dad was delighted that Trapper was fetching golf balls just like his former dog used to do. Trapper will continue his good diet and meds to combat his allergies. Thanks Lindsey for doing such a good job fostering Trapper.

Dominique was a boxer mix that never even made it to our website. He was rescued by a young gal that thought she could not keep him. She agreed to self foster him. Well on Saturday she came in to adopt Dominique saying she could not be without him. Congratulations to all our newly adopted dogs and their families.

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