Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Mighty Harley

Hello – my name is Harley, and I am a 6.5 pound FEMALE Chihuahua with more love than you can imagine!  Since I’m such a little squirt, I have to really be careful and stay out of the way.  Things like doors and steps are pretty scary for me!   And then of course there is my tongue….  What can I say?   I’m sure that is the first thing you will notice about me.  Unfortunately it is just a tad long, and I don’t have many teeth to hold it in.  Nevertheless, I get along pretty darn good for my age (I’m somewhere between 9 and 10). 

Where I REALLY shine is in the love and cuddling department!  If I had my way, I’d be held AND pet 24X7!  And just in case you STOP petting, I’ll be sure to remind you with a little nudge from my nose.  And if you hold me close AND pet me, there is sure to be a few sighs and lots of nuzzling in to your neck.  And I’m not particular – young, old, male, female – whoever is available to hold me and pet me is my hero!  And when you talk to me or call my name, my tail wags as fast as it can possibly go!  In fact, a smile is all it takes most days. 

And when I’m not being held, I LOVE to snuggle UNDER the blanket!  In fact, under the covers is my favorite place to sleep at night.  Of course I really like to be cuddled and pet before I go to sleep, but once I’m out, I’m good for the night!  And if I need anything, I’ll be sure and snort or bark to let you know.

Where I really struggle, is with my potty training.   I’d MUCH rather head to the bathroom for a rug or a newspaper.  Do you expect me to go outside in the rain, snow, and cold?  I think not – although my foster mom makes me go out every 2-3 hours.  She never gives up on that outside thing!  What’s with that?

So that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!  My foster mom says I’m the sweetest dog in the WORLD!  I think I’ll go with that – mom’s pretty smart!

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