Monday, April 26, 2010

Adopted Dog Monday: Harley!

Harley was adopted last weekend after being featured on the Pet Haven blog.

We know that Harley is going to love her new home as it’s full of people, and she’s sure to get attention anytime she wants it...which is basically ALL the time! Harley even has a new sister, Paris, who seems to equally enjoy being spoiled with love and attention.
Here's an update from Harley's new forever Mom, Michelle:
"we all just love her and she is being spoiled on a had an attitude for a day but is getting used to her being around but keeps laying in harley's new dog then, harley gets top-dog status on a fur blanket up on the couch.....they both mooch for treats equally and are very good at it!!......harley has been eating but is very picky like you said she was.....i am keeping up on the warm milk in the morning and she seems comfortable sleeping with me at night"
Sounds like Harley has hit the forever home jackpot!
We wish Miss Harley and her new family all the best and look forward to receiving future updates on Harley and Paris!

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