Thursday, April 29, 2010

Small dog, Big Bella

Bella may be a little dog, but boy does she have a BIG personality. Some may say a little too big, but she sure does keep her foster family laughing.

As a two year-old rat terrier, she is full of energy and very smart. Lots of consistency with rules and exercise are a must to keep this girl happy and safe. Bella is great with basic commands and passed Level 1 Obedience with flying colors. She still has some behaviors that require work. Her foster mom is proud of the progress Bella has made, but needs someone to continue working with her to remind her who’s boss.

Like most terriers, Bella is food motivated. She will do just about anything for a treat, which really helps with her training. On the other hand, we suggest you lock up the garbage because Bella loves to rummage through the trash looking for her favorite treasure...a Qtip!!! (Ok, so maybe she's not that smart!)

Bella’s a sweet girl who will do wonderfully in a home where she gets plenty of exercise and reinforcement. If you have just as much personality as this girl, we think you'll get along great!

Contact if you’re interested in learning more about Bella or any of our other adoptable pets.

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