Saturday, April 17, 2010

Russell needs a foster home

Russell is a 10 year old bichon/lhaso apso mix who would love to just lounge around with you. He's not much of a lap dog and would rather just be by your side and would like for someone who can be content just letting him be :)

He's house-trained and crate-trained and can be trusted when you're running around doing errands, or working!

Big dogs are a little intimidating for this little guy so it would be best for Russell to be fostered or adopted by someone who has either other little/small dogs or no dogs. He's currently being fostered in a home with a big dog  and as much as his foster loves him she knows that Russell would be happier in a home without a big dog terrorizing the little guy.

Additional info from his current foster mom: "Russell has arthritis and has trouble with too many steps. We have 5 steps on the deck and that is about all he is able to handle. Funny cause he runs in the yard like a 2 year old if he sees a squirrel! He is taking Rimadyl for that."

For more info on Russell you can check out his bio.

If you would be willing to consider fostering Russell please email us at

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