Thursday, May 1, 2008

Won't you consider fostering?

Home fostering provides the lucky break these dogs need. People are much more willing to consider adoption when they can get some feedback as to how the dog is in a home environment. Many people debate fostering because they think it will be hard to give up the dog. On the contrary!! This is a great way to find your own dog – a “trial run” so to speak. Or alternatively, there is no better feeling than to see the happiness on the people’s faces when they pick up their loving new addition. To know you had a part in providing that opportunity for that dog is extremely rewarding. Without foster homes, we cannot save these dogs. Please consider fostering.

To learn more about fostering and to read some testimonials from fosters, visit For questions, email

A quote from Jeanne (who fostered Bart, shown in the photo - visit our Happy Tails page to read Bart's story):
"If you're someone who REALLY loves dogs, fostering is the most fun you can have that isn't illegal or fattening!!! It becomes addictive - because the rewards are so great. You might lose your heart to your foster, as I've done more than once, but when you see him/her/them go to a home where they are loved and really WANTED, it eases any pain you feel from the loss.... and it makes you eager for the next one - just to go through the process all over again.

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