Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Adopted puppy - update

One of our black pups, Calcifur (from the litter of 5 found by a dumpster in rural Iowa) was adopted on 5/17. He went to a wonderful home, and we got the following update from his new family... his new name is Geordie.

"We are delighted with him. He is quite smart and a very sweet puppy. He kennel trained himself practically by going in the kennel we had set up for him when he was tired. He's been sleeping in there in our room through the night since about the third night. He's learning "sit" and "no bite" with some success and he walks on a leash quite well. His housetraining has mostly carried through - a few rough spots, but we're working through them.

Angus spend the first few days just ignoring Geordie. But Geordie has been persistent about trying to play with Angus and Angus is slowly warming up with him. Even though Angus hasn't been friendly, when he and Geordie have crossed paths, Angus has always been quite patient with him. Angus did make it clear, though, that his food bowl and the yogurt cups he likes to lick out are off limits.

Of course, Geordie and my son have been great pals since the very beginning. If Geordie hears his voice in the morning before we've all waken up, he immediately wakes up and starts barking because he wants to see his boy.

Thank you for this enormous gift!:

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