Saturday, May 3, 2008

Special needs - We need your help!

Spring arrives with some difficult cases. Ann, our dog intake coordinator, spends countless hours on the phone with one of our partner vets to discuss the health and surgical options for several of our recent intakes. Difficult cases - difficult choices. Each case handled with love, compassion and a heavy sense of responsibility to ensure we make the right decision for the animal, and for Pet Haven.

In recent weeks we have incurred extraordinary vet expenses for the following special dogs: 1) Hazel, a sweet, pocket pit bull, diagnosed and being treated for heartworm. She is being hospitalized as she goes through treatment, 2) Spice Girl, a beautiful boxer mix, who came to us from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue - her hip dislocated, and almost deaf. She had her back leg amputated and is being nursed back to health in a loving foster home, 3) Jayde, a sweet yellow lab mix, who came from up north. Her brother hit and killed by a car, while Jayde survived. She came with a serious leg injury. X-rays revealed a severe fracture. Jayde, like Spice Girl, had her back leg amputated, 4) Hank and Zubeau - two of our dogs who came with cherry eye and required surgery, 5) surgery on Bear (a poodle mix) to remove a blockage, and 5) Most recently, one of our sweet black labs (Shadow) was seen by an eye specialist and has a chronic perforation and no vision in the eye. She will have her eye surgically removed, and will be a special black dog with a permanent “wink.”

We need your help so that we can continue to help these animals who come to us with special needs. Please consider making a donation (any amount helps!). You can make a donation online at our website ( by clicking on the “Donate” tab. In your comments, please put “Special Needs fund”.

Thank you for helping Hazel, SpiceGirl, Jayde, Hank, Zubeau and Shadow.

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