Friday, May 2, 2008

Calcifur and Wyatt - Pup update!

Calcifur and Wyatt wanted to make sure that you didn't forget about them. They want you to know they're just as cute as their siblings Charlie, Oliver and Dodger.

Here's an update from foster mom: "The boys had their Dr. appt. yesterday at BVH and both were negative for parasites! YAY! They have just about got the house training thing figured out. Their bladders are still so small that they have tinkles overnight, but otherwise they go outside! They have been very helpful with the gardening as you can see:) They helped install the dragon sculpture too. Wyatt is now too big at over 8 lbs. to get into his favorite spot in the neck of the dragon so now he likes to climb on top "king of the hill" style for like 2 seconds when he comes tumbling down. It's ridiculously cute. Cal is very into the root ball of a bush I removed recently. At a whopping 9 and a half lbs. it doesn't have a chance as he jumps on it like it's a monster and bites on the sticks. Both of them are healthy and happy sweet mellow boys. The girls love to run in the yard with them and taking them on a walk is like being in a parade. People can't resist coming up to us and adoring them. We live 3 blocks from Powderhorn Park and they just love to walk down there and be treated like little superstars!"

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