Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Different Way to Help

Last December, three of us volunteers were sitting around talking. It was starting to get cold out and we wanted to bring some dogs in from Red Lake but there were no foster homes available. Looking at the pictures of the dogs that Karen wanted us to take from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue made the need seem more immediate. What could we do? None of us could foster the dogs in our homes, for various reasons (Me: three dogs at home and an alarming propensity for "Foster Failure", which in the animal rescue world, simply means we adopt the dog we are fostering!).

Maybe we could pay the dog's board at one of our partner boarding facilities until a foster home was found? Yes! That we could do. The dogs would be safe and warm until a foster or adoptive home was available for them.

And so the In From The Cold Pod (IFTCP) was born. Since December, we have helped at least half a dozen dogs to a better life when they would otherwise have to wait until a foster home opened up. [Chinook, photo above, was a member of our pod till she got adopted a month or so ago].

At the outset, we agreed on an amount that we would be willing to spend each month. Ours basically allows one dog at a time to be part of the IFTCP, although in the chill of winter we boarded two for a month.

If you, or someone you know, has more money than time and would like to help a deserving dog or two, consider starting a pod like ours. Right now, we are a pod of three, but our money could go further with another member or two. If you would like more information about 'boarding pods' please email us at

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