Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Shadow recovering from surgery

Here's a photo of Shadow pre-surgery (due to an old injury she had a chronic perforation and no vision in her eye). Her right eye was surgically removed on Monday. Many thanks to Apache Animal Hospital (and to Dr. Karin Christopher) for donating her time and surgical skills, and to Dr. Jeri Smith for being such an advocate for this sweet girl and helping us in soliciting donations to cover the cost of her surgery.

The following is an update from Laura L who is fostering Shadow (whom i need to say, is one incredible volunteer and foster, and a tremendous advocate herself for the dogs in our care. Shadow is her 12th foster dog:

"Shadow is doing great. She is navigating the cone which can absolutely not come off until the stitches are out. She ran to the toy box when we got home and grabbed a toy. She is such a big puppy. My house is small so we had to put some furniture away. She can eat and drink fine. One thing that is funny is that she has a harder time smelling the ground to find the right “spot”.

Her eye looks sore and swollen. I was supposed to put compresses on it but right like she was going to stand for a bag of frozen peas on her eye. But it does not look any worse today. She slept fine all night and was her usual maniac self this morning which for once I was glad to see.

We are upping her sedative because she wants to run and play already. She can actually run with big sticks. Of course the mother in me freaks out and wants to yell “You’ll put your eye out with that”. Well…..? More sedative (some for me too).

Taking care of Shadow has been the most emotional thing I have had to do yet. Despite, the neglect they endure, it amazes me how these dogs can go through so much and still love mankind the way they do. It is a true lesson in getting over the past and living in the moment. Thanks for everyone’s help."

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Jess said...

I'm glad to hear Shadow is doing great :) Also, I had Dr. Christopher as a professor one semester!