Friday, May 2, 2008

Black pups basking in the sunshine!

Here's another update from the foster home of Charlie, Dodger and Oliver: "We are very happy with the warm days. The puppies love the back yard and can play out there for hours. They still can't be left alone for more than a few minutes or they notice I'm gone and start crying. I don't mind being outside so it works. I have had to put barriers around my newly sprouting plants. The puppies think it is fun to rip the plants. I am not so amused.

They had their first encounter with a toddler and they loved her. Chloe was being pulled around by all three of them and she laughed the entire time. Their personalities are very evident. Dodger is dominant, the most laid back and very playful. He likes to jump at you, barking. Charlie is the fraidy cat and cries when he hears loud noises (like Tino tossing logs into a pile) and has to be encouraged to try new things. He also has the most vinegar. He pounces on the other dogs, attacks leaves and sticks and loves to play tug of war. Oliver is the explorer. He checks out all the nooks and crannies he can find. He loves stuffed animals, chewing and running around with them. He is also a big cuddler and loves to nap on the couch next to us.

All three of them love the pile of leaves in the back yard. They wrestle and roll around in them. Sticks are a favorite chew toy as well as your pant legs. We have to provide them with lots of toys or they will get into mischief. One of their favorite toys is a screaming, stuffed monkey. They play with that thing all the time.

We are still working to get them to sleep later. We have gone from 3am to 5am to 6:30. When they want to get up they let you know, loudly!"

All five pups (Charlie, Oliver, Dodger, Calcifur and Wyatt) will be neutered on 5/6. They will be at our 5/17 adoption event! Be sure to get your application in if you are interested in adopting one of these adorable pups!

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