Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Dodger - the lone ranger

At out adoption event on Saturday, 4 of our 5 black pups (read previous blogs for their story) were adopted. Only Dodger went home with his foster parents. He will be at our special black dog/black cat adoption this Saturday, 5/24 at the Plymouth Chuck and Don's. Here's an update from foster mom:

I'm falling in love...
We were worried bringing Dodger home from the adoption event all by himself. That was a waste of energy. Dodger played with our dogs in the backyard and after lunch he napped in the sun without a care in the world.

His first night sleeping without his brothers went smoothly. Dodger curled up on the "big dog bed" with Roxy and Pheobe and went right to sleep. After a full night with no accidents he woke up, went out with the dogs, came back in and went back to sleep. We had to wake him up at 9:30 to eat. This is a dog after my love-to-sleep-late heart. With only one puppy to watch after we are having less accidents in the house. He is strating to pace by the door to be let out and I am hoping my dogs will teach him to ring the bell we have hanging there.

Dodger is doing well at "sit", "stay" and "no". Dodger is going to be great at playing fetch. He chases the ball, catches it and brings it back about half the time. He also loves to chase the water out of the squirt gun and pop bubbles. While he loves to be near people and follows you from room to room, Dodger does well in the backyard with the other dogs and never cries to be let in the house. Now if I could only get him to teach this to my dogs!

Right now Dodger is curled up at my feet while I type. I am really going to miss this amazing puppy but I am confident he will find a permanent loving home.

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