Monday, May 12, 2008

Welcome Wrigley

This past week we welcomed into our foster program 3 new dogs who came to us from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue: Wrigley, Rose and Mercedes (stayed tuned for more info and photos on Rose and Mercedes).

For now, we got the following update from Wrigley's new foster home: "I picked him up at the vet, got instructions about his flea and tick medication (I found a tick on his head at the vet), and then we hopped in the car. I had to put him in the passenger seat since the kennel took up the entire back of the car with the seats down. I struggled with him for a bit in the car because we wanted to crawl into my lap, but I tied the leash around the headrest of the passenger seat and once we got moving he was a good dog. I stopped at Chipotle on the way home to pick up some dinner and he sat really nicely while I ran inside. I think he would have fallen asleep on the ride home if the leash would have been longer to allow his head down further (but it had to be that short so he wouldn't jump in my lap.) When we got home I took him for about a half hour walk. He walked so nicely! I was a bit afraid that he'd pull like yesterday at the vet, but he was so great and even better when we jogged! He's going to make a great running buddy! There were lots of new sights and sounds for him - water through the sewer grate, cars on the road, geese in the pond - and he handled it all beautifully. When we got home I let him loose to sniff things and get the lay of the land. He was so mellow, casually strolled around to sniff and check things out, didn't try to jump on the furniture whatsoever. While I ate dinner he took a little rest on the carpet by the door. I've only had to tell him no when he tried to snatch my burrito off the table and when he started to make like he wanted to chew on our slippers. He listened right away and just walked away. He hung out next to me while I watched t.v. and even watched some himself. He loves his green lobster and played with that quite a bit tonight. He discovered that the lobster squeaked and tried for a couple minutes to figure out where the sound came from. When he couldn't get it to squeak again he thinks maybe it was the carpet and starts to paw at that."

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