Saturday, May 31, 2008

Dodger - last of dumpster pup gets adopted!

Many thanks again to Mary and her family... and Heather and her family for fostering the litter of black lab pups found by a dumpster in rural Iowa in mid April. Charlie, Oliver, Calcifur and Wyatt were adopted at our last adoption event on 5/17, leaving Dodger the dominant little boy. His foster family took him to the drive in last weekend: "He really enjoyed walking around getting attention from everyone. He did have a lapse in manners while we were grilling hot dogs barking to have one, but what dog wouldn't. He was content with a dog treat and soon settled down. Throughout both movies, with two stereos blasting, Dodger lay curled up in his own camping chair without a care in the world."

Last night they met Dodger's new family. He has gone to live with a young couple, with a large fenced-in yard and lots of neighbor labs to explore the world with.

His foster ended her email to us last night with "Finally after going over everything, signing the paperwork and exchanging email addresses it was time to say goodbye. I have a lump in my throat right now thinking of the last puppy kiss on my chin. I am really going to miss that big boy but I am confidant he has found a great home. So when do I get more puppies?"

It truly takes a community to save homeless animals -- we need adopters willing to take in rescued dogs, and we need fosters like Mary and her family, willing to love and care for their foster dogs, and let them go, so they can bring in another abused, neglected, homeless animal.

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