Saturday, May 10, 2008

More pup updates - Calcifur and Wyatt!

From Heather, who is fostering Calcifur and Wyatt: "I'm very pleased to report that the staff at Bloomington Vet were very impressed with Wyatt and Cal's comfort with handling. They have been exposed to kids and men and all of the sounds and sights of a bustling household. They are sweet peas through and through and I am certain that when placed in a loving home, they will make excellent pets as they grow. They were neutered this week and had their second set of shots on Fri. It was amazing how little it phased them. They are eating and playing and growing like crazy. They are both over 10 pounds now!

We have been taking them for walks though a more accurate description of the experience might be energetic bursts, tangles and giggles. We rarely get far, but with a Dairy queen a block away, the mid adventure goal makes it all worth while for the girls and I:)

The boys are both house trained with the exception of the overnights, but they get the jist, they just can't go eight hours yet. Wish us luck! I'm getting low on paper towels!"

Remember... all adorable 5 pups will be at our 5/17/08 adoption event at the Richfield Petco from 10 - noon. Applications are being accepted. Email

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